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Cracking the Personality Code
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Readers' Comments
"Cracking the Personality Code analyzes why so many managers get it wrong and then provides the diagnostics to help businesses recruit and retain top-notch talent."
Rafael Pastor, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Vistage International

"Dana and Ellen Borowka have cracked the code. They provide inspiration, wisdom and tools for hiring and managing any team. This is a book you will refer to again and again."
Larry Wilson, Author of Play to Win

"Running a successful business is about managing people, and this great work will help you manage the personalities of those that will get you from here to there."
Paul Spiegelman, CEO, The Beryl Companies

"It's all about putting the right people in the right positons and building effective teams."
Ken Ude, President/CEO, Stila Cosmetics

Dana Borowka, MA, has over twenty-five years of experience in business consulting. He has an undergraduate degree in human behavior and a master's degree in clinical psychology. He speaks nationally to Vistage International and other CEO peer groups, associations, corporations and trade organizations.

Ellen Borowka, MA, has an undergraduate degree in sociology and a master's degree in counseling psychology. She co-founded Lighthouse Consulting Services with Dana in 1994 to provide programs to help companies increase executive and employee productivity and well being.

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Cracking the Personality Code

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How to Use In-Depth Work Style and Personality Assessments to:

  • Hire Effectively
  • Successfully Manage and Lead
  • Retain Staff, Build Loyalty and Ingenuity
  • Deal with Difficult People

In Cracking the Personality Code you will learn personality testing strategies to hire smarter and manage better. These strategies apply equally well to the corporate executive, entrepreneur, or small business owner. You will learn how to cultivate top performers through a three-step process: assess candidates with personality profiling, screen candidates for behavioral tendencies, and manage more effectively based on behavioral styles.

Cracking the Personality Code is quick and enjoyable reading. Every chapter is packed with bulleted items, numbered steps, and short, to-the-point anecdotes that immediately demonstrate each point. Action strategies are clearly outlined and provide a road map to success.

If you are serious about improving the results of the people you hire and manage, then this is the book for you.

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